A downloadable game

Jormungandr is a Virtual Reality horror game that takes place on the ocean floor, where light does not shine and a horrible creature resides. As the player, you are a submarine operator diving to the bottom of the Norwegian sea.  After being sent to retrieve the black boxes for the last submarine that went down, you realize that you are not alone. There is something out there, and it is hungry.  Retrieve the black boxes before it finds you and maybe you will live. 

Install instructions

This is a VR Game so, be warned that you will need a GTX970 or better to run this game. You wil also need need Steam VR installed and running

When you download the game you will need to extract it. To open the game you will need to go into New Build, then to windowsnoeditor and click the project at the bottom. 


Jormungandr_Final Build.zip 544 MB